Dejection Coverage
Candidate Smackdown
By Matt Hutaff
Apr 22, 2008

As if you need further proof Ron Paul is the only presidential candidate remotely qualified to be human, let alone president, Monday night saw Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and John McCain appear on WWE — of their own volition. Their pre-recorded speeches were bookended by an Obama/Clinton "matchup" featuring actors and glimpses of a WWE video game with the candidates in yet another simulated brawl. 

Was the crowd drinking Brawndo? What drives calculate, intelligent individuals to pander to a crowd that screams for enforced sterilization? Is it the drive to address oneself as Hil-Rod, or to toss shout outs to Randy Orton? I don't know, and I don't care. It's beyond retarded. If you want to shake your head in shame, too, check out Huffington Post's rundown .

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