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Obama's Dad Said Something About Socialism
By Matt Hutaff
Apr 16, 2008

My father's said some nutty stuff in his day, and when I begin my run for the presidency of the United States of America I hope some enterprising San Jose State student doesn't dig up his thesis about the light rail system. It's a powder keg just waiting to go off, and I can't face that kind of pressure.

Because it makes sense that the sins of the father affect the son, some article Barack Obama's father wrote in the 1960s about one specific part of Kenyan socialist policy is making waves today. Found in the dusty annals of a UCLA library, the article has the hoi polloi in a media-induced frenzy - what if Obama introduced socialist policy to the United States, the bedrock of democracy? (Ignoring subsidized agriculture, public education and transportation, social services, and the host of socialist programs embedded in our government, of course.)

Most people won't even bother to skim the eight-page dissertation, instead focusing on logical arguments like "why didn't Obama mention this speech in one of his two books?" or "why do my fingers taste like earwax?" So let's reduce this to its base element: what does a two-score old article have to do with Barack Obama today? Are people so afraid of death by association that his father espousing socialist philosophy is catastrophic? If so, where's the fear for Dubya? The Bush Dynasty made its bones financing Hitler during World War II.

Anyone who makes this about Junior is an idiot. I'm looking at you, Ben Smith and Jeff Ressner.

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