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Your Vote Won't Count
By Matt Hutaff
Apr 14, 2008

PC World has an article in their most recent issue discussing the vulnerabilities of the electronic voting process. According to them, the presidential election can be hacked, to which I say, welcome to eight years ago. Rolling Stone exposed the theft of the 2004 election in 2006, and we've all heard Jay Leno belch a few hundred poorly-crafted "hanging chad" barbs since the start of the new millennium.

What can I say? Elections are stolen all the time. Sam Tilden lost the presidency to the milquetoast Rutherford B Hayes because of Republican carpetbagging and shady politics — and that was in 1876. Diebold, ES&S, and their contemporaries are just another link in a long chain of corruption and fraud. Why else would this country pay top dollar for proprietary software and buggy equipment if not to fix the outcome?

Open-source software with verified paper trails are available for free and would provide a safe and accurate vote. No wonder we're not using them. 

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