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Ron Paul Understands Economics
By Matt Hutaff
Mar 18, 2008

Remember Ron Paul? He's the other Republican presidential candidate, the one the media has done everything they could to ignore? Well, despite rumors to the contrary he's still in it to win it.

What does that mean? It means while Obama and Clinton argue over the venomous bile spewed from Barack's church pulpit, Paul decrys American monetary policy. Sure, it doesn't make for headlines the way going around in circles over which god is more racist and hate-filled, but it does show just why Paul is most suited for the office of president.

John McCain wasn't even aware of what the PPT (Plunge Protection Team) is or what it did. For those Republicans who savor this level of ignorance in their own lives, it's a private body that manipulates the stock market to keep it from dipping down into the recession we all know in our guts is coming. Ever wish you could do that to get the best return on your investment?

McCain Republicans want to borrow more so they can spend more. The Democrat front-runners are different; they want to tax more so they can spend more. Meanwhile, what does the average American see from this reckless spending? Hyperinflation and bank bailouts at taxpayer expense.

Ron Paul wants to limit spending. In a time where the federal government abdicates its sovereignty to buy debt from foreign interests, shouldn't we all look for a candidate that feels the same way? 

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