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Chelsea Clinton is an Aristocrat
By Matt Hutaff
Feb 19, 2008

"She voted based on the best evidence at the time. Perhaps you had clairvoyance, and that's extraordinary."

That's the response Chelsea Clinton gave at a recent talk at University of Wisconsin-Madison to a student who sensibly asked if Hillary showed any remorse over the thousands of dead Americans pledged into war by her "aye" vote in the Senate chamber. That's a pretty ignorant and arrogant statement to make, right? Especially when you consider Hillary actually didn't consult all the evidence at hand - she couldn't be bothered to read a 90-page intelligence report before supporting the invasion of Iraq.

There's only one candidate running for president who had the sense to say no to war, and that's Ron Paul. The rest, regardless of what they say on the campaign trail, voted for the war. I don't care what their motivation was or how well-versed they were on Middle Eastern politics, they voted yes. Isn't it great, by the way, that so many of our politicians voted for war without knowing or caring about what they were committing to? 

Hillary is a maverick politician. You'd think she could at least brief her own daughter to not appear condescending over a very personal issue. It makes the entire family look like a bunch of unfeeling robots. 

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