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John McCain Wants 100 Years of War
By Matt Hutaff
Feb 5, 2008

John McCain's stance on war blows my mind. If I was a former prisoner of war who was wounded, tortured, and held in captivity for more than half a decade, I'd be the biggest opponent of the war in the Senate. Not John. Maybe he's just a hardened badass who looks Death in the face and laughs, Rambo-style.

Maybe John McCain looks in the mirror every morning and smiles at his demons; after all, the teeth are all fake since North Vietnamese forces knocked out his real ones. Or maybe he wants the soft, doughy hillbillies that signed on for America's army to toughen up and lose a few limbs or years of their life like he did. Maybe John McCain believes in equal punishment meted out for equal service.

Whatever the case, John McCain stood in the Town Hall of Derry, New Hampshire on January 3 and said 100, 1,000, or even 1,000,000 years of US intervention in Iraq "would be fine." In other words, as President, the only thing he'd change about our involvement in the Middle East is prolong it. That means more dead Americans, more dead Iraqis, and more debt to finance war.

You know what I say to John McCain? Fuck that, and fuck you.

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