Why Are They Famous?
Seth Rogen: It's Just a Style, Relax
By Jabulani Leffall
Nov 3, 2008

It’s just a style, relax.

Seth Rogen’s character in Knocked Up was heard to defend a familiar pastime of canines by saying to Katherine Hagel’s mom-to-be, “I don’t know it’s just a style.”

This pretty much sums up Rogen’s impending rise to superstardom. There’s no formula or rhyme or reason to why this kid – and he is a kid, born in 1982 to the post-Pong generation of entitled slackers – is winning like a trial lawyer on a tobacco case holding a hot lottery ticket in a hot-tub with a woman who really likes money.

If the pop culture realm were a cooking class – and it certainly is and isn’t in many ways – Rogen would be a fried cheese, double cheeseburger topped with ketchup and sour cream and marinara and ranch for choice dipping sauces.

Here are the ingredients:

1) Take a frat boy with a good personality who looks like he belongs at a writers table eating chicken fries and acts like he’s imbibed a substance that makes him think chicken fries are good and makes his comedy that much more potent when he comes back to the writers table looking like he needs a bath.

2) Then add a cup of risqué ideas and lowest-common-denominator jokes such as “No one’s gotten a______ job, wearing cargo pants, since ‘Nam.” (That’s one of the funniest lines anyone’s ever said. Period.)

3) Then you can take a pinch of pretty good pedigree as a zany standup comedian in Canada, which is a country made for telling jokes due to its accent-laden “Canucks,” putrid blue beer and overvalued currency. To say nothing of its laughably effective healthcare system.

4) One pound of being a staff writer for Sacha Baron Cohen’s insane surrealist commentary on society called Da Ali G Show.

5) Two teaspoons of hooking up with and winning the favor of director and comedy demigod Judd Apatow, who encouraged the curly-head slacker to act in film in the first place.

6) Be in The 40 Year-Old Virgin. Yeah, three slivers of that into the mix.

7) Add that get-rich-and-famous-real-quick sauce for flavor.

And now, Bone-Apa-Tittie, which is something this guy might say. Ketchup and sour cream is optional, but now you have the Hollywood equivalent of a double cheeseburger lathered in batter, lightly fried and served with French fries. It looks and sounds odious and disgusting, but you want to try it, just to discuss it, just not to be left out, just to say you did it at least once. And you and others might be shocked to find out that you (gasp) enjoyed that greasy dish with no nutritional value whatsoever.

Such is the appeal of Rogen’s fare and, for that matter, the whole Steve Carell, Paul Rudd, Will Ferrell, Evan Goldberg, Owen Wilson, Judd Apatow, How I Met Your Mother, The Office fraternity of incestuous comedic lovable loser goofballs.

His latest offering, Zack and Miri Make a Porno, is no different. It’s a movie about making a movie about making a (clearing throat) movie. The concept – “We can’t pay our light bill, so let’s make a Star Wars-themed nasty flick to generate quick cash” – is about as hilarious as it is stupid, as it is sad, as it is car-wreck, as it is potato-chip-dipped-in-Jose Cuervo dumb and appealing.

What 26-year-old wouldn’t want to make porn with Elizabeth Banks or, better yet, make a movie about making porn with her?

If Porno does those numbers, Rogen be in good shape (he’s slimmed down, by the way, as of this posting) to trot out Green Hornet, slated for release in 2010. Here’s the plot based on the once popular series starring some white guy and Bruce Lee:

“Debonair newspaper publisher Britt Reid fights crime as a masked superhero known as The Green Hornet. At his side is martial arts expert Kato.”

Even if he flubs this performance trying to show his more serious side, folks will still be doubling over with laughter, and the kid’s in good shape because he can write too and now thanks to money and notoriety he’s "cute" to both not-so-smart and really smart and beautiful chicks all over Hollywood. He also probably has a really big home or at least a $1 million-plus home to call his own as well.

I’m not hating on the flaxen-locked crumb snatcher. I of all people realize it’s just a "style." Yeahhh baby, Sethy Style, you like it, don't you?

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