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Sex at The Simon, Pt I: Gay
By The Simon Editors
Feb 5, 2007

In an attempt to draw new readers to the site, The Simon editors are always trying to find new ways to inject more sex into what is an otherwise fairly staid publication. Our writers in the past have balked at the prospect of really getting down ‘n dirty, so we’ve come up with more clever ways to draw the eyeballs of readers looking for a little titillation.

In a continuing series, we will be examining the success of our efforts to appeal to prurient curiosity. Over the course of one day, over 3,000 different keywords were used to find articles at The Simon. Below is a listing of keywords that included the word “gay” and their position in the overall list. (The higher the position, the more people were using that specific keyword.) To our gay or gay-curious readers, we hope we satisfied you. As you peruse the list, you will notice certain trends. Be assured that we have noticed these as well, and will be guiding our editorial policy based on topics that seem to generate the most interest. We hope you enjoy the results.

#29: Keanu Reeves gay

#36: Stop gay marriage

#90: Christian Bale gay

#149: Kiefer Sutherland gay

#156: Is Keanu Reeves gay?

#210: “Is Keanu Reeves gay”

#335: was king tut gay

#568: we hate gays

#639: Is kiefer sutherland gay?

#683: king tut gay

#916: 12 year old boys gay

#976: Thom Yorke gay

#1000: gay undertones in the film the good shepherd

#1500: "keanu reeves is gay"

#1604: keanu reeves is gay

#1183: kiefer sutherland gay

#1280: christian bale gay scene

#1380: gay johnny cash

#1420: gay muscle lap dance

#1440: gays like girls

#1470: keanu reeves is gay?

#1510: keanu reeves + gay

#1640: keanu reeves and gay

#1910: "johnny cash" gay

#2203: is gunnar nelson gay?

#2211: is kiefer sutherland gay

#2220: gay looker room

#2222: is thom yorke gay

#2234: christian bale, gay

#2236: true stories of gay ghost having sex with men

#2237: is keanu reeves gay?

#2242: "kiefer sutherland" gay

#2249: is christian bale gay

#2250; johnny cash gay?

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