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A Low-Information Voter Speaks!
By Kevin Field
Jul 1, 2008

Good morning to everyone reading this article.  I apologize in advance for any mistakes I make in typing this.  My son bought me a computer to use for sending e-mail back and forth.  I never expected to use it for writing actual news stories!  (It helps to think of this as an “electronic typewriter.”)

The editors of this “blog” asked me if I would like to explain my thoughts on current matters being talked about across the country.

THE PRESIDENTIAL RACE: A lot has been talked about in the news about Barack Hussein Obama.  I don’t have much else to say about this.  I’m a McCain supporter, mainly because I don’t think Obama’s experienced enough to be President.  McCain is my age, and with that age comes WISDOM that Obama can’t have.  Because he’s just too young.

It doesn’t have anything to do with him being black, or being a Muslim (though that certainly doesn’t help).  But I just don’t think America’s ready to elect a black man.  I would be, but I don’t think others will.  It’s the wrong time.  Not right now with America at war.  McCain’s a soldier at heart, and that’s what we need to defeat the terrorists.

A friend at church (I won’t name names) sent a mail about Obama being sworn into the Senate on the Koran and not putting his hand on his heart to say the Pledge of Allegiance. Apparently we aren’t the only ones who have heard of this.  Because there are enough stories about this online that he had to respond.  Barack Hussein Obama said that it wasn’t true, that he is a CHRISTIAN (like me… though for not as long, I’ll tell you that) and that he never swore on anything other than the CHRISTIAN Bible and that he does put his hand on his heart to say the Pledge.  But after you hear the same stories from enough people you trust, it just makes you wonder why he’s being so defensive about it if they aren’t true.

McCain has shown a willingness to work with members of both parties in his life.  I think Barack Hussein Obama’s all talk.  He’s supposed to be the most liberal member of Congress.  That’s not what we need now, our taxes to go up like the liberals like to do.  I don’t make much of an income at my age, and I don’t want to give that all to the I.R.S.  I’m a little unclear about the rest of McCain's positions, except that he’s strong on the War on Terror.  I don’t want an appeaser in the White House.  (But again, I’m not prejudiced… I just don’t think Barack Hussein Obama is what America needs in the 21st century.)

THE SUPREME COURT: I don’t follow the Supreme Court rulings as much as other people probably do, but I do read the headlines.  I’m stunned that the Court could allow prisoners at Guantanamo Bay to go to trial in American courts.  As they say, these terrorists are “the WORST of the WORST.”  They shouldn’t have the rights that I have in court (not that I’ve ever been arrested or ever would be!).

It just goes to show that despite George W. Bush being in office, once judges get to the Supreme Court they end up leaning to the left.  (I don’t consider the handgun decision to be a “right” decision… only the RIGHT decision.  People should be able to DEFEND their homes, no matter what kind of gun they want to use.  The world is a dangerous place.  All the more reason we shouldn’t be letting the terrorists out of Guantanamo Bay.)

There were some less important rulings made in the last week that I didn’t hear about.

WALL-E: WALL-E is the latest release from Pixar, the company that makes CGI animated movies for Disney.  I’ve been a big fan of Pixar movies in the past.  Both TOY STORIES and FINDING NEMO are fantastic movies for the entire family.  Well, their new movie continues the decline that started last year with their movie about the French rat.  (Why couldn’t they have set that movie in America?  It was hard to identify with the characters as a result.)  WALL-E is, by far, the worst of the Pixar movies.  I received a mail from the Family Defense Fund mailing list warning me about it, and I didn’t put a lot of stock in it.  But they were right.  It’s a movie about a romance between two GAY robots.

Surprised?  I was too. It’s a kid’s movie, that’s impossible.  But what the FDF said was absolutely correct.  Wall-E is a male robot, which they make pretty clear in the movie.  But he also likes musicals and watches HELLO DOLLY over and over, which while they don’t come out and say it, is obviously code.  But the robot he has a romance with, “Eve,” seems pretty male as well.  Now Eve is a woman’s name, but there’s nothing else female about this robot besides its name.  (I won’t get into details, but “she” has no “female parts.”)  I kept thinking about what I had read in the newsletter, and even though I wanted to enjoy what I was watching, I couldn’t get over the obvious GAY overtones.  It was so blatant that I left half an hour into the movie, disgusted by what was on screen.  I don’t need to see two hours of male robots holding hands, or even two minutes of it.  (They could have at least put some humans in the movie to balance it out.)

I did the Google about the movie after I got home.  Neither Pixar nor Disney had anything to say about this NOT being a GAY movie, which makes it pretty clear that something’s fishy.  If you don’t want to expose your children to this kind of agenda, do NOT take them to see WALL-E.  (I know the young people are more comfortable with homosexual issues – but that’s not part of my world.  That’s not how I was raised, nor anyone else I know.  I just don't think it's natural.)

(Also, the FDF says Pixar is based outside San Francisco, and I think that’s important to keep in mind.)

MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL: (I'm not a fan of professional sports, so I've asked my husband, Roger, to weigh in)

I've been a fan of America's game all my life, but this season just goes to show that there are higher powers at work in our lives.

Tampa Bay (who used to be known as the "Devil Rays" but as of this year are simply called the "Rays") has the best record in baseball. My cousin told me that the [Devil] Rays never did well in the past because of their association with Satanism.  I don't know if that's true, but I have no reason to doubt it… Stan's no liar.  Well, it seems like we now have the proof that all it took to move Tampa Bay to the top of the standings was their reaffirmation that there is one true God and that rather than celebrating the devil, we should remember that at all times.  It makes sense when you think about it.

On the other end of the scale are the San Diego Padres.  The Padres used to do well (thanks to their "Holy" team, I would assume), but now have the worst record this season.  They have a good roster on paper, but I think their Mexican name has finally caught up with them.  Like I said, this is America's game.  We don't need Mexican teams in the majors.  (The minors are another thing.)  And that city is a hotbed of illegal immigration.  We need to secure our borders, like the President says.

I'm not racist, but when illegal immigrants get all the same rights that Mr. and Mrs. Joe Taxpayer have, something's not right with our country.

HANNAH MONTANA: My granddaughter Ashley (bless her) is a gigantic fan of “Hannah Montana.”  I don’t know a lot about Miss Montana, but do know she’s very popular with pre-teen girls of all ages.  But I was SHOCKED to learn online that there are rumors that Miss Montana is in reality not who she says she is – she’s much older (think young 20s) and is a former Miss Montana (from the Miss America pageant), hence her name.  I guess Disney thinks what they need to attract the attention of the audience these days is to sexualize their stars (there’s also a connection here to WALL-E, of course).

I’ve been unable to find ANYTHING to refute this on the Web.  Because of that, take CAUTION and be careful what you’re allowing your children to watch and listen to at all times.  I’ve already forwarded on those rumors to Ashley’s parents (my daughter and her husband).  I should check and make sure they’ve received them since I haven’t heard back yet.

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