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Our Readers Respond: On Obama
By Our Readers
May 19, 2008

Obama's Dad Said Something About Socialism 

JFK was a face the camera loved.  Handsome, heroic and charismatic.  The nation wept when he died.  Would we weep for Dubya?  For one thing, he’s isn’t particularly handsome, heroic or charismatic.  But I digress.  JFK would not have survived today’s media circus what with the family’s alleged ties to organized crime, other questionable business practices, sex tapes, affairs and such.  So how did Dubya survive with his family ties and supposed Christian ethics?  Because he didn’t bag a starlet?  I am confused and a bit afraid of how our commander-in-chief has apparently dodged all accountability.  How the hell did he do that?  And furthermore, what the hell is wrong with us to accept it and to let it continually happen?


Help Us Write Our Short Story!

Seriously, seriously brilliant.  I may never write again.


Barack Obama Seals the Deal

When I think of Hillary Clinton, one enduring image keeps surfacing.  I see her walking hand in hand being interviewed by Barbara Walters.  Barbara says, “It must have been tough dealing with all of Bill’s indiscretions.”  Hillary musters a tear, nods agreeingly, then proceeds to hawk her book.  Yes.  Two sisters sharing how tough it is to be a woman.  I shouldn’t hold it against her that she is an opportunist of the greatest magnitude.  Aren’t most politicians?  But it irked me and seemed disgustingly calculated.  I mean isn’t she where she is because of Bill, discretions not withstanding?  And c’mon.  Look at her.  She’s about as unfeminine as it gets.  Can you blame Bill?

Hillary.  Please go away and don’t come back.  We red blooded American men don’t want you.

Kevin in CA     

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