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Our Readers Respond: Different Tastes
By Our Readers
Mar 24, 2008

Chelsea Clinton is an Aristocrat

 They are robots.  Aren’t they?  How else do they stand up in front of so many, promise the world, and barely deliver a pizza.  Read my lips…”No new pepperoni.”  What amazes me is the amount of people cheering fervently, seemingly hanging on each word when so much of it seems to be pure lip service.  Instead of “give the people what they want”, we have “tell the people what we think they want to hear.” Occasionally, a well meaning family member, such as a Chelsea Clinton, strays from this approach.  Regardless, I’d hazard a guess that a very small percentage of what is promised during campaigning is accomplished after election.  I never listen except to try to hear how composed these people are under pressure.  I like a little squirming.  It makes candidates seem human.  Anyone who is too slick (perhaps Mr. C.) is creepy.  Lastly, Hillary doesn’t need her daughter to create negativity.  She does it all on her own.
Kevin in CA   

Ron Paul Understands Economics 

I read Bloomberg.com and each article should have had “Ron Paul” written all over it.  Watching the financial markets last week was only a prime example of what Ron Paul has been talking about.  This was his talks unfolding in real life.
It is amazing that so few media persons are making the correlation in a public way, although FOX news had a few sane moments with Ron Paul.
The sad thing is that is not really rocket science – just common sense.
Best regards,


The Fatt lady ain't sung yet. And untill she do, we still have Ron Paul in the wings, thank God.



 I just wanted to write and say "thank you" for this wonderful article!  Great job and keep up the good work!
A.M. Allo

Touch Your Self Help: On Debt 

This article had me cracking up. Rather than giving me serious advice I’d been seeking on dealing with my increasing amount of bills and decreasing lack of funds I found instead something that helped almost just as much, but by lightening the matter and giving me a reason to stop stressing for 2.5 seconds while I read the article (okay so maybe it took me a little longer to read than that) And unfortunately I can understand the authors frustrations over his seemingly impending divorce. “Want to finalize that divorce, Katya? Too bad – your husband doesn’t exist anymore!” hehehe. Ah, too bad I can’t torture my recent ex-husband like that. Sigh. Well anyhow, keep it going, it’s good.

In debt but chuckling.

What I Did for Love: Leopold and Loeb In The Spotlight 

Please forward my thanks and appreciation for Matt Sigl's fascinating article, which mentioned my musical THRILL ME: THE LEOPOLD & LOEB STORY.   It was a great read, I enjoyed reading his comments, and I look forward to sharing this with colleagues.
Best regards,
Stephen Dolginoff

Wing the Merciless 

I agree about Chinese food.  This rings true whether you’re on the East Coast or like me here in Los Angeles.  It always seems to be the last choice and except for the green beans in pork sauce, there doesn’t appear to be that much difference between the gourmet food of China Inn and Yoshinoya Beef Bowl or Panda Express.  All of it is sauce heavy and incredibly average. Maybe good for the munchies, like late night burgers from Tommy’s but hardly anything to brag about.  Thai food, on the other hand, can be an exotic and wonderful adventure for the pallet.  Vietnamese brings a subtle quaintness to the table.  Indian brings fire and consistently good chicken (tandoori). 
Here are a few items from local eateries that might be in the class of the Great Sea spicy wings, deserving repeated visits…
1) The original fish taco at Senor Fish in Eagle Rock

2) A slice of the sausage pizza at Casa Bianca (homemade sausage and thin crust, of course)

3) A carne asada sope at La Fuente

4) A melt-in-your-mouth steak sandwich at Camillos

5) A Doner wrap / kebob (kebob from Spain) and sweet potato fries 


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